Data solutions through web-based applications


  • Cheaper to deploy and maintain. Use your existing server and a standard network setup to run the application.

  • Compatibility. Users access the applications through their web browsers; no client software installation involved.

  • Scalable. Applications can work with Access to SQL Server sized databases.

Apply the strength of web-based applications to your business problem for better workflow and a more efficient infrastructure.

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eUtility Management program


• Works cross platform
• Flexible Billing Cycles
• Exports billing file
• Customizable Fee Groups
• Account Edit Log
• Integrated Help screens
• Save and edit reports
• Billing History

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Quicksearch Hosting


• Search by Parcel
• Search by Owner Name
• Search by Location
• See a Demo:

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About Ennead LLC

Even now many companies still rely on old legacy data systems to manage their data. The maturing of internet technologies opens more efficient ways to process and access data. Ennead LLC is ready to help your company implement these technologies.

Ennead LLC is an internet design firm that combines its expertise in graphic and interface design with its knowledge of internet and database technologies. Our goal is to provide economical and efficiant data solutions through web-based applications.